laugh. play. design.

This combination of words describes my personal joie de vivre. LAUGH—I can find a joke in just about anything (LOVE a good pun!) and I am never afraid to laugh at myself; PLAY—From exploring a new place with my camera to playing “cupcake shop” with my daughters, I always leave room for imagination; DESIGN—Everything I do is inspired by or in the love of great design. From a unique print on a throw pillow to appreciating a cleverly designed menu, design is my life…and I couldn’t be happier about it!


As an experienced Senior Art Director, I’ve had the pleasure of working both at an internal agency as well as in a traditional agency setting. My experience lies across a variety of mediums and avenues, including email, digital ads, social, print, OOH and web design. Exploring new methods and technology—and strategies to match—is an exciting evolution that keeps me on my toes. And being part of an innovative team that works together and thrives to deliver the best possible results—well that is the cherry on top of this creative sundae!